KK Youth Project  start at June 1, 2016

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国際的なダンサーでありジュニア指導において定評のある木村規予香が、海外から独自のネットワークを駆使して、選りすぐりの講師を招き ジュニア・ユースに特化したクオリティの高いワークショップ・公演を企画する。

This is the project for Junior Youth.
According to the foreign network by Kiyoko Kimura who is acknowledged trainer for Junior, she invites foreign teachers and hold workshops for youth with special high quality.
Member of KK Youth who want to act internationally have performances regularly and dance by foreign choreographer’s work.
According to this project Junior Youth experience training with foreign view in Japan.
Also they can realize the wave of international ballet world and how to create the work together with choreogrphers.

国際的な活動を目指すジュニア・ユースに海外からの講師の振付作品を踊ることで 日本において海外での活動を視野に入れたトレーニングを経験する機会を提供する。
若い世代の可能性を海外講師とふれあうことで見出し、 伸ばしていくことを目的とする。

Kiyoko Kimura
KK International http://www.ballet-kk.com/
〒158-0094 東京都世田谷区玉川3-36-12

Reiko Inagaki
studio24 http://www.inagakiaa.com/
〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山2-4-14

Masa Kolar
Giovanni di Palma
Braulio Alvarez
Guillaume Hulot Takako Nishi
風間自然 Shizen Kazama
Martin Chaix

Our Performance
December 18,2016 "KK Youth Project・studio24 joint Performance"
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"

April 5,2017 "KK Youth Project Spring Showcase"
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"

August 27,2017 "KK Youth Project Summer Showcase"
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"

January 20,2018 "KK Youth Project Winter Showcase"
KK Youth Project in collaboration with studio24
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"

後援:ドイツ連邦共和国大使館(Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany)
Coming soon !!
April 29,2018 "KK Youth Project Spring Showcase"
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"
December 9,2018 "KK Youth Project Winter Showcase"
"Akasaka Community Plaza Hall"

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